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About Us

FSJ Pasalubong Sentral

Homemade Bicolano Dishes and Native Products



                     FSJ Pasalubong began as an eatery inside the Central Business District (CBD) terminal that started in 2000 up until 2008. As the terminal changed management and now known as Bicol Central Station, we aim to put up a pasalubong store instead because our location is a feasible area where locals and tourist could easily access.

                     Making the decision of putting up the store with a capital of ₱5,000 is a gamble but we pursue the realization of this business because we are confident on our goal to cater pili products, souvenirs and later homemade products. These pili and homemade products were made by the owner who as we know loves to cook. Making bottled delicacies and Pili products is always made sure that it is the best.  

                     We cater first our Bicol delicacies to family and friends in testing and marketing as we produce quality and best tasting food as opinions matters in our business. Our products will be introduced to you by tasting it first when you are in our store. You will get the taste of best delicacies in our store and if you’re in luck, you could also get some freebies!

                     If that is not enough, we have a wide selection of handicrafts made of native produce in Bicol especially Pili nuts and its shell. Our native products are mostly handmade with designs that range from lamps, bags, shoes, wallets as well as accessories like key chains, ref magnet and other gift items that are great for souvenir during your visit in Naga.

                     We are persistent in keeping and expanding the products we want to sell in our store. Thus, we shall taste more products and see more beautiful handicrafts. 

                    We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions because you matter in FSJ Pasalubong. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on .