Our bottled delicacies are specially made by the owner. She selects the best raw ingredients in the market.  When it comes to preserving process, it undergoes the standard method.

These products are put in ball jars wherein these jars are sterilized before using. These were all vacuum sealed to keep their freshness and taste. 

Approved under Bureau of Food and Drug Administration with the license to operate as food manufacturer and has fact check the edibility of these bottled delicacies.

Our best tasting products are :

  • Ginataang Santol
  • Spicy Laing – for taste buddies  who like spicy flavor
  • Bicol Express
  • Chili Paste
  • Atchara
  • Coco jam
Let us taste what Bicol has to offer here in FSJ Pasalubong. You will not only crave for it but will ask for more to be sent home.
You will not just taste these homemade products, it will take you to the time when you were young and your Mama cooked for you.

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